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Short Tutorial!
  1. Open up another browser window.
  2. Switch between this tutorial and the DoubleVoca puzzle game.
  3. Select a level either by selecting the Level item in the Run menu or the Level toolbar icon. Level 1 : the most frequent, Level 9 : the least frequent, and No Level(default) : no frequency division applied.
  4. Select a puzzle set either by selecting the Run item in the Run menu or the Run toolbar icon.
  5. Click the Refresh toolbar icon to redraw the applet when on some Windows systems, the applet gets cluttered.
  6. Click on a number to select a word on the puzzle grid.
  7. When typing something, putting your mouse pointer inside the applet is important not to lose the keyboard focus.
  8. Press [CTRL]+[n] to select the next number of word.
  9. Press [CTRL]+[b] to select the previous number of word.
  10. Click the intersecting square to alternate between Across and Down.
  11. [WRIGHT], [LEFT], [UP], and [DOWN] arrow keys will work as expected.
  12. [HOME], [END], [DEL], [BACKSPACE], and [SPACE] keys will work as expected.
  13. Select Solve->Hint->Letter menu item to get a letter hint on the selected square which is magenta.
  14. Select Solve->Hint->Word menu item to get a word hint on the selected word which is cyan and magenta.
  15. When you are done, Select Solve->Solve menu item to get the score.
  16. The red characters indicate either you typed in wrong or you got a hint on it.
  17. Red characters cannot be corrected to prevent score manipulation.
  18. You may print out the empty puzzle, the puzzle with your inputs, the puzzle with the solution, or the puzzle clues through the Print menu.
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