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Double Your Vocabulary!
  • Double Your Vocabulary has been developed as part of the first project of Cocurea Creative.
  • This crossword puzzle game is distinguished from generally available crossword puzzles in several points.
  • This game is not intended to serve advanced puzzle challengers. This product aims to assist English learners of various levels to stimulate their learning motivations while playing than memorizing.
  • The selected vocabulary strictly remains within the boundary of common dictionary entries. We have over 150,000 entry words in database and, picked most common 10,000 words out of the database pool so far.
  • The most time-consuming part of this project is selecting and editing appropriate clues to meet product objective of helping English learners. We have been choosing detailed definitions and as many usage examples as possible for each entry.
  • Categorizing words' levels is not easy part, either. We have been collecting various sources of online materials including magazines, newspapers, and books. We could possibly be optimistic about the accuracy of Level 1 to 5 based on our current database. But, the selected words of Level 6 to 9 had appeared once or twice overall in our frequency checking program within the collected documents. So, if you are an advanced learner, you may enjoy playing Level 6 to 9 and the whole-entry Level without noticing much difference.
  • However, our frequency analysis database and revised entry words are constantly increasing. So, keep diligent checking this product description page.
  • We obtained entry base through www.dict.org.
  • We have been able to get satisfactory clue editing sources from mainly dictionary.cambridge.org and, www.dict.org and GNOME Dictionary as supplemental sources.

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