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Short Tutorial!
  1. Open up another browser window.
  2. Switch between this tutorial and the DoubleLC dictation game.
  3. Click the Play button to listen to the whole clip and get an idea on the topic.
  4. Select a portion of the clip from the scroll bar next to the Play button.
  5. Click the Play button to listen to the selected portion of clip.
  6. Click the Reset button to clear the input pane.
  7. Type in into the input pane below the Play button. When you type in, keep your mouse pointer inside the applet window not to lose the keyboard focus.
  8. Click right mouse button in the input pane to show a popup menu, which you may use to copy/cut/paste a selected area, select the whole input, or undo/redo the previous editting.
  9. Click the Save button to save your input.
  10. Repeat 4 - 9 for each portion.
  11. Click the Solve button to compare your inputs with the suggested answer.
  12. You may print out the saved inputs or the suggested script through the Print munu.
  13. You may select another channel from the scroll bar right below the menu bar.
  14. You may select another clip from the scroll bar next to the channel selection.
  15. Click the Load button after selecting a channel and a sound clip.
  16. Click the Refresh icon to redraw the applet when on some Windows systems, the applet gets cluttered.
  17. You will get the credit as many as the number of portions plus 2 for the whole part.
  18. When you play the whole clip, 2 points of the credit will be subtracted.
  19. When you play each portion, 1 point of the credit will be lost.
  20. The addition date is the date of sound clip collection.
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