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CBS #1108
   In Ramallah, they heard all the rumors that Arafat is brain dead and kept alive by machines. Or the one that he is sick because the Israelis somehow managed to poison his food. Exept for the crowd of reporters gathered outside of what's left of Arafat's West Bank headquarters, there are no visuals here, no demonstrations. Just people outshopping as the month-long muslim holy day of Ramadan comes to a close.
   ... appearance are business as usual here, lies uncertainty about what happens next when Arafat dies. About who will be the new leader and whether the people here will have any say in the matter.
   "We all hear about elections in our country, but the question is 'will it happen or not?'. I don't think... I doubt it will happen."
   Palestinian law says that the parliament speaker should take over for 2 months until elections are held. But, the man with that job is political nobody. Instead, Arafat's ... deputy Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei ... moves to assume Arafat's powers. They are flying to Paris tommorrow to consult with his doctors. Both men seem to realize that terrorism has done to Palestinians far more harm than good. And, there's ... to 4-year-old in Tapda, or at least try to. But, neither of them has much ... support.
   "Everybody who stand him to lose from such dramatic change of policy. I (am) against them. That's the old timers of Fatah movement, Arafat's movement. That's the Hammas. And, other terrorist organizations."
   Elected or not, it's unlikely that any new leader will have anything close to Arafat's power and authority. Even on his death bed, Yasser Arafat is larger than ...
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