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CBS #0817
   Over the next decade, thousands of troops now serving overseas would be moved home from the bases they've used since the cold war. And, others would be deployed to new locations. The goal, make the military more mobile and flexible.
   "The new plan will help us find and win these wars of the 21st century. It will reduce the stress on our troops and our military families."
   But, the changes will have no effect on the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan where many reserved national guard units continue to serve tours far longer than expected. Retired General Wesley Clark, who supports John Kerry, says the plan makes no military sense.
   "It was packaged together, and presented at this time for the political purposes of trying to show some kind of national security leadership. Well, it's bad leadership."
   Since the Democrats' convention, President Bush has focused almost exclusively on national security trying to put John Kerry on the defensive for saying that he'd reduce the number of troops in Iraq within 6 months.
   "I think he sends wrong signal, sends wrong signal to the enemy who could easily wait 6 months in one day."
   And, for his vote against the 87 billion-dollar supplemental to pay for the war.
   "He went on to say his proud vote, 'the whole thing is complicated matter'. There's nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat."
   ... says the president is under attack because the war made him vulnerable.
   "It's that simple. Bush cannot make the public feel better about what's happening in Iraq. ... have to change. But, what he can do is make the public less comfortable with the alternative."
   And, that's what he's trying to do. The military reorganization plan says the US must now take the fight to the enemy.
   Endorsing the plan gives Mr. Bush yet another chance to suggest that he is better suited to lead the war against terror.
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