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CBS #0817
   Even as the Olympic flame lit up the night sky, the cafes of Athens were buzzed with Greek tragedy. It would have even made ... shuttered.
   "All Greece is in shock with the news."
   Athenians walk this Friday the 13th to dark head ones. Tour the Rome. 200m champion Kostas Keteris and Greece's 100m silver medalist Katerina Thanou wound up in hospital overnight after a mysterious motorcycle crash, after skipping out on a drug test. Both will be forced to take that test again on Monday when their Olympic future will be diecided. Keteris' nicknamed Greek Lightening was so loved. He was the one expected to light the Olympic coldren. Last minute allegations came as shock, even an embarrassment to some Greeks who have been ... what they thought would be their proudest moment.
   In the end, it all kicked off just the way that Greeks promised. It's the smallest nation to host the games in decades. But, it pulled off the herculean task of hosting the world and everything that comes with it, security, scandal, and of course these spectacular.
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