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BBC #1120
   An angry ... to an international summit, Chilean protesters are attacking the familiar symbols of America and of globalization. The security forces ... here. They made dozens of arrests. It's all part of ... before the presidents and the prime ministers start rolling into terms.
   But, for the most part, the protests have been peaceful and diverse about the war in Iraq, free trade, and the belief that summit like this one do nothing to even the gap between rich and poor.
   "People like just another form of ... Free trade only means (the) USA is gonna get richer, and we are gonna get poorer. So, we feel like that."
   George Bush will be here in just a few hours time. It's his first foreign trip since winning reelection. These huge crowd have turned out to give him a simply message that he is no welcome.
   "He gives a sense of any dangerous thing for all the world."
   But, all 21 leaders from the Pacific rim are gathering here. China looking to cart out of strategic role to match its surging economy. America hoping to convince the region that its focus extends beyond the Middle East, nuclear terrorism, North Korea, and free trade all on the agenda here. Expect plenty of backroom haggling and maybe a little progress.
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