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BBC #0815
   For the first time, he described how gunmen forced into his hotel room on Thurstday night and tracked him bleeding down the stairs.
   Shocked ..., he was taken to the deserted building where this video was filmed. Then, came his series of mock executions. A gun held ... head ... a sharp click telling him the weapon was empty.
   And, his ... friend ... how one point he managed to escape onto the streets of Basra after his captors briefly left him alone. He's offered protections from the guards of a nearby government building. But, someone picked up the kidnappers. Within minutes, he was back in their hands.
   Forced to record a video message, he became convinced like other foreign hostages in Iraq he was going to be beheaded. But, it never came to that. Just 20 hours after being ..., Jame Brandon suddenly found himself handed over to a representative of Muqtada al-Sadr and facing the world's media a free man.
   Now, recovering in Kuwait, he says he will return to work in Iraq but only, he hopes, to report the news not make it.
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