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   All America seems gripped by Martha Stewart's fate. One of the most famous people in the country emerged from court after learning the judgment, 5 months in jail.
   "I'm not afraid whatsoever. I'm just very, very sorry that it has come to this. That a small personal matter has been able to be blown out of all proportion."
   Martha Stewart is grand. She presented her own TV shows, owns her own magzines. All are multi billion dollar businesses.
   But, she lied to the police about her share dealing. So, is it Martha the Martha, or Martha the criminal?
   "People think that celebrities shouldn't get jail time. But, she commited crimes just like anyone else ... Yea, she did something wrong but nothing really horrible."
   But, this jail will be Martha Stewart's home if she doesn't appeal successfully. It does allow gardening, for which prisoners get paid 12 cents an hour. Her friends say jail won't dent her.
   "Believe me she will make it work. She ... Well, I can't answer that. But, I think she's mentally prepared for almost any challenge."
   Like the publicity challenge to boost the business, even on the court step, she made a sales pitch straight to camera.
   "Perhaps, all of you out there can continue to show your support by subscribing to our magazine, by buying our products, by encouraging our advertisers to come back and ... our magazines."
   Maga celebrity's first crime is very strange mystery indeed. Shares in Martha Stewart's company have shot up 40 percent. It maybe the sentencing Martha Stewart's ... behind bars will be the remaking of her business empire.
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