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BBC #0701
   It is the first picture of ... since his capture in Tikrit on December 13. But, it is the first time people had to see him. A very different Saddam Hussein we have to say.
   Absolutely, ... people here will not forget those images of Saddam Hussein being taken, also he being dragged from the hole. And, having his teeth inspected by US military doctors. Many Iraqis found those images very humiliating. Now, we will be ... with Saddam Hussein very smartly dressed I have to say. He wasn't pictured with handcuffs and chain with which he was brought to court. But, there he was ... because as, you know, Iraqi authorities presided that he should be censored that Saddam Hussein will not be able to use any legal proceedings that will follow to make political point. But, he was very defiant. He says the first thing he heard of the gasing of the Kurds ... was on the media. And, on the subject of the invasion of Kuwait, he argued that it had been justified, he said, including the Kuwaiti dogs ... recommended by the judge.
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