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Business Motto
  • To be to do the good.
  • Business survival itself must be creating good value to the economic mechanism. Not to mention, the effort to survive or win the competition has to be fair and honorable.
  • We have seen the Internet bubble and the horrible consequences. We have to remember what the Internet is all about, sharing information and so broadening each others' values.
  • We have seen people out there polluting the right cause blinded by greed. We see the party is over. Now, it's time to get back to work, finding and developing human creativity to enrich the 4th revolution.
Production Policy
  • 3DP 3PD
  • 3-month Designing & Planning
  • 3-month Promotion & Development
  • 6-month one project cycle
  • We are going to contribute at least two pieces of creative work every year to the cyber world.
Marketing Policy
  • Building customer trust, providing creative but not deceiving value.
  • Clean and tidy image marketing.
  • Ugly and disturbing banner and pop-up ads free.
  • No personal information collecting.
  • No privacy infringement.
  • Cocurea Dynasty: B.C. 37 ~ A.D. 668
  • Corea Dynasty: A.D. 918 ~ 1392
  • Korea: English distortion of Corea
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